X3000 Inspection Co., Ltd

Focusing on the cross research application of X-Ray NDT technology and computer vision technology

X3000 Inspection Co., Ltd was founded in January 2021, with a core team consisting of a doctorate in algorithms from Dalian University of Technology and professor-level engineers from the industry. The company has completed several rounds of financing in the tens of millions of RMB, including TusStar, MiraclePlus(Former YC China) founded by Dr. Lu Qi, Atom Ventures, WuXi Captial, HGTECH and other first-tier investment institutions and strategic investments

X3000 Inspection Co., Ltd focuses on the cross research and application of X-Ray NDT technology and computer vision technology, and is engaged in the research and development of intelligent equipment for online automatic inspection of industrial X-Ray/CT to solve the industry problems of difficult and low efficiency of internal quality inspection of products

With the mission of "truly helping customers succeed", we are committed to empowering advanced manufacturing with top algorithms, and have established long-term partnerships with many leading companies in the lithium battery and electronic semiconductor industries. We will continue to deepen the combination of technology development and commercial transformation innovation, serve the market demand, provide more efficient, more accurate and safer testing solutions for the new energy and electronic semiconductor industry, and promote the development of industry chain technology


Core members have been working in the industry for decades


Research and development strength are in the international leading level


Strategic partnership between upstream and downstream of the industry chain

Corporate Vision

To be the #1 choice for online X-RAY equipment and truly help our customers succeed

Our Values

Professionalism, high execution, lifelong responsibility, open communication, realism, mutual growth 

Business Philosophy

Technology-based, product-oriented


Development History

  January 2021 Founded in Tsinghua Science Park, Beijing

  March 2021 Received seed round investment from TusStar

  September 2021 Received millions of angel round investment from Dr. Lu Qi, former president of Baidu

  April 2022 Established Dalian R&D center

  November 2022 Won the gold award of the 8th "Internet+" competition

  January 2023 Received tens of millions of RMB Pre-A round of investment

  February 2023 Wuxi factory and Wuxi operation headquarters were established simultaneously



Aliyun BMW Joint Acceleration Camp

Dongsheng Cup Excellence Award

Member of Guangdong Battery Industry Association

Gold Award of Internet+ Competition

Qiji Creation Forum

Third Prize of Tsinghua Alumni Three Innovation Competition

Intellectual Property

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erformance evaluation method and its system for lithium battery pole piece inspection

Invention patent



Method and system for detecting lithium battery area for multi-depth-of-field X-ray images

Invention patent


Supervised learning distance adaptive mask generation method for lithium battery poles

Invention patent


Image segmentation-based method and system for positioning lithium battery poles

Invention patent


An automated inspection device for complex parts

Utility Model Patent



A kind of internal defect detection device for tiny metal parts

Utility Model Patent