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◈  Software Development Engineer

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    Job duties:

    1、According to the project requirements, complete the software development based on C++, program debugging, program deployment and other work

    2、According to the hardware driver control program, complete the secondary development and integration of hardware control program packaging

    3、According to the PLC program written by the electronic control engineer, complete the communication and interconnection work of the upper and lower computer

    4、Responsible for the software support when the equipment is tested in the company and the software maintenance, support and improvement in the client

    5、Solve the technical problems encountered in the development process and the actual use of various software processes and logic problems


    Job requirements:

    1, computer, software, electronics, automation and other related majors, bachelor degree or above

    2, proficient in C++, proficient in QT, and at least one desktop application development framework

    3, skilled in using git and other teamwork tools, familiar with TCP/IP, UDP, OPC and other communication protocols

    4, desktop application development experience, image processing experience is preferred

    5、Experience in upper computer industrial control software development, SDK development and secondary development experience is preferred

    6、Strong learning ability and independent problem solving ability, good information retrieval and teamwork ability


    Base: Dalian, Wuxi are available

◈  Non-standard mechanical engineer

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    Job duties:

    1, responsible for X-RAY automation equipment mechanical structure design and its parts design, standard parts selection, material selection, design drawing output, prototype assembly and related testing (the initial framework of the work is made by the superior leadership, only responsible for the structure of the program refinement structure)

    2、Technical guidance at the production site when necessary

    3、Answering PMC's questions on BOM table when necessary, providing technical support for purchasing, quality inspection, after-sales service and other departments

    4、Analysis and processing of production problems, process improvement

    5、Excellent learning ability, strong analysis, problem-solving ability, good communication skills and teamwork spirit, strong anti-stress ability and hard work spirit


    Job requirements:

    1、Bachelor degree or above, mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation, mechanical engineering, mechanical and electronic engineering or related majors

    2, with more than 5 years of automation experience, and engaged in more than 2 years of non-standard equipment development or related work

    3, skilled use of AutoCAD software, three-dimensional proE, Solidworks and other drawing software

    4、Familiar with the selection or calculation of motor, cylinder, screw, guide and other components

    5, with a certain degree of general knowledge of electrical control, familiar with the sensor principle and signal processing



    The company is located in a good track, broad development prospects, the position can have direct guidance of senior engineers


    Base: Wuxi

◈  Electrical Control Engineer

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    Job Description:

    1, proficient in Visual Studio development environment, proficient in .NET framework, proficient in C#, familiar with wpf/winform, c/s framework project development experience

    2, familiar with SQL, Mysql, SQLServer and other database development experience, understand the basic knowledge of industrial communication methods

    3、Experience in serial communication, upper computer development, familiar with TC P/IP, RS485/232, MC, S7 and other communication protocols

    4、Experience in data information interaction such as webservice and webapi

    5, based on the project schedule and task requirements, independently complete the coding and debugging of the corresponding upper computer software

    6, according to the product specification and the upper computer software requirements, propose the upper computer solution, write the relevant technical development documents

    7、Understand the basic setting and construction of IT network system hardware (server, industrial control machine, router, HUB)

    8, familiar with industrial automation software development and design process, with high-speed motion control equipment development preferred


    Job requirements:

    1、Bachelor degree or above, majoring in signal processing, communication, electronics, power electronics, automation, electrical transmission and other related majors

    2, more than 5 years of relevant experience, proficient in motor servo drive principle

    3, proficient/familiar with common drive brands: ACS, ELMO Mitsubishi, Panasonic, High-Tech, solid high

    4, clear logical thinking, hands-on practical ability, good at team communication, able to solve problems independently

    5, X-RAY equipment, new energy industry experience is preferred



    The company is located in a good track, broad development prospects, the position welcomes senior senior engineers to submit


    Base: Wuxi

◈  CT Algorithm Engineer

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    The candidate should meet at least one of the following requirements:

    1.Understanding and development of ct reconstruction related algorithms, including but not limited to, cone beam ct algorithm, spiral ct algorithm, finite angle ct algorithm

    2. Have developed ct system calibration algorithms

    3.Developed image post-processing algorithms, artifact correction algorithms, etc.

    4.Experience in cuda programming


    Meet the above 1 and 2 preferred


    Base: Dalian, Wuxi are available

◈  Equipment Sales Manager

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    Job Description:

    1. Develop new customers and maintain the stock of customers
    2.Maintain and develop sales channels, discover and organize opportunity points according to the company's existing model
    3. Complete other assigned work

    Job Requirements:

    1.Strong work ethics and service consciousness, clear diction, proactive, professional and punctual, strong learning ability
    2.More than one year industrial experience, including testing, quality engineering, equipment sales, etc.

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