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X3000 Inspection Co., Ltd was founded in January 2021, with a core team consisting of a PhD in algorithms from Dalian University of Technology and professor-level engineers from the industry. The company has completed several rounds of financing with tens of millions of RMB, including TusStar, MiraclePlus(Former YC China) founded by Dr. Lu Qi, Atom Ventures, WuXi Captial, HGTECH and other first-tier investment institutions and strategic investments

X3000 Inspection Co., Ltd focuses on the cross research and application of X-Ray NDT technology and computer vision technology, and is engaged in the research and development of intelligent equipment for online automatic inspection of industrial X-Ray/CT to solve the industry problems of difficult and low efficiency of internal quality inspection of products

With the mission of "truly helping customers succeed", we are committed to empowering advanced manufacturing with top algorithms, and have established long-term partnerships with many leading companies in the lithium battery and electronic semiconductor industries. We will continue to deepen the combination of technology development and commercial transformation innovation, serve the market demand, provide more efficient, more accurate and safer testing solutions for the new energy and electronic semiconductor industry, and promote the development of industry chain technology

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Vision Mission

To be the #1 choice for online X-RAY equipment that truly helps our customers succeed





Professionalism, high execution, lifelong responsibility, open communication, truthfulness, mutual growth



Business Philosophy

Technology-based, product-oriented






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Lithium battery


As the most important component of new energy vehicles, the safety of power lithium batteries has been a major concern. At present, the process level of Li-ion battery is not mature enough, and various defects will appear in various segments of the cell production, among which internal defects are the most difficult to identify and fatal. The traditional method of detecting such defects requires disassembling the battery, which is less efficient and cannot guarantee 100% safety of the product


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Electronics manufacturing


With the continuous upgrading of the electronics manufacturing industry, the internal structure and manufacturing process of electronic products produced for the high-end market tend to be more complex, and the end-use scenarios also put forward higher requirements for product stability, and the use of traditional electrical signal inspection alone can no longer meet the detection of product reliability. Driven by Apple and other end customers, the electronics industry has started to use X-RAY for full inspection of internal defects


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Traditional Industry


New energy vehicles pursue lightweight, low cost and improved production efficiency demand to promote aluminum alloy one-piece casting process gradually replace the traditional steel casting, iron casting and body welding process. Although aluminum products can effectively reduce the weight, but because of the softer material is more prone to cracks, trachoma, porosity and other problems, the industry rigidly requires the use of X-RAY for full inspection of internal defects


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