Industrial ct online inspection equipment

Product description:

This equipment is an online industrial CT product independently developed by GongYuan Sanqian, based on multi-threaded computing, deep learning compensation and other underlying technologies to achieve high-speed CT scanning, tomography and automatic detection within minutes, which can achieve production-line level efficiency of micron-level CT inspection for lithium batteries, power semiconductors, automotive electronics and other products

Product parameters:

Equipment model ACT-3600
Number of radioactive sources 1
Maximum detection efficiency Li-ion battery cells: 20ppm (detection of grade chip defects)
Power semiconductor module: 3ppm (solder defect)
Automotive electronics module: 1ppm (solder defect)
Number of radioactive sources 1
Voltage 180 kv
Focus size 20 - 200 μm
Resolution 2496 * 3008
Automatic detection index  
The following are the details of the expansion
 False detection rate <=1%
 Leakage rate 0%